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Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer


Chef: nuannuan0625, original recipe in Chinese 

Translated by: CDKM.COM

Alias: Beer Chicken Wings

Chinese name: 啤酒鸡翅 (pi jiu ji chi)

Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer



12 chicken wings, 330ml beer, 15g light soy sauce, 5g dark soy sauce, 15g rock sugar, 3 dry red chilies, 1 star anise, 2 bay leaves, ginger, scallion stalk, pepper, peanut oil, water



Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer

1 Cut twice on chicken wings surface with kitchen knife, add cold water in wok, add ginger and cooking wine, heat up.

2 Remove chicken wings, rinse chicken wings with warm water, discard water.

3 Ready sauce.

4 Add peanut oil on saucepan, add chicken wings when oil is hot, fry chicken wings with middle frame until both sides turn golden yellow.

Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer

5 Remove oil, add a bottle of beer.

6 Add 5g dark soy sauce and 15g light soy sauce.

7 Wrap pepper, star anise, bay leaves and onion with gauze, add the sauce pack, chili, ginger into the saucepan, cover and bring to boil with high frame, cook 15 minutes with middle or small frame.

8 Remove sauce, add rock sugar, cook until rock sugar dissolves, thicken the sauce over high heat.

9 Thickening.

10. Turn off the heat, transfer to a plate, and eat.

Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer

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