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Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer


Chef: mcbain1, original recipe in Chinese 

Translated by: CDKM.COM

Alias: Beer Chicken Wings

Chinese name: 啤酒鸡翅 (pi jiu ji chi)

Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer



500g chicken wings, 20g Shallot, 10g ginger, 2 teaspoons salt, 330ml beer



Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer

1 Rinse chicken wings.

2 Add shallot, ginger, a teaspoon of salt. Marinate for 20min.

3 Add a little oil in pan. 

4 Stir fry chicken wings until both sides turn golden yellow.

5 Add a bottle of beer, add the shallot and ginger just used to marinate chicken wings, add a teaspoon of salt.

6 Thicken the sauce over high heat.

Stewed Chicken Wings in Beer

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