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Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Seafood


Food culture is an important part of China’s traditional culture. It has a long history. With the progression of globalization, Chinese food is now found all over the world. Its variety of selection, unique culinary art, as well as its fine shapes and rich tastes have spread the depth and diversity of Chinese food culture to the world.

Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Seafood


Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Seafood:


859. XO酱爆北极裙 Stir-Fried Fringe Shell with XO Sauce
860. XO酱花枝片 Sauteed Sliced Cuttlefish with XO Sauce
861. XO酱莲藕炒海螺片 Sauteed Sliced Sea Whelks and Lotus Root with XO Sauce
862. XO酱虾子肉松茄子煲 Braised Eggplant with Shrimps and Pork Floss with XO Sauce in Casserole
863. XO酱鲜椒煎带子 Fried Scallops with XO Sauce and Fresh Pepper
864. XO酱银杏果百合炒虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Lily Bulbs and Gingko with XO Sauce
865. 澳带烩鱼肚 Braised Australian Fish Maw with Scallops
866. 澳洲龙虾 (刺身/上汤焗/椒盐) Australian Lobster (Sashimi/Baked in Consime/Fried with Spiced Salt)
867. 扒鲍鱼菜心 Sauteed Abalone with Cole Heart
868. 扒四宝 Sauteed Four Delicacies
869. 扒鱼肚白菜心 Sauteed Fish Maw with Chinese Cabbage Heart
870. 扒鱼肚油菜心 Sauteed Fish Maw with Green Vegetable
871. 白扒鱼肚 Braised Fish Maw in Cream Sauce
872. 白灵菇韭黄炒鳕鱼球 Sauteed Codfish Balls with Mushrooms and Chives
873. 白灵菇扣裙边 Braised Mushrooms with Turtle Rim in Bowl
874. 白玉蒸扇贝 Steamed Scallops with Tofu
875. 白汁拆烩鲢鱼头 Stewed Silver Carp Head in Cream Sauce
876. 白汁炒鱼唇 Sauteed Fish Snout in Cream Sauce
877. 白汁煎封银鳕鱼 Pan-Fried Codfish in Cream Sauce
878. 白汁烧裙边 Stewed Turtle Rim in Cream Sauce
879. 白灼花枝片 Boiled Sliced Cuttlefish
880. 白灼生中虾 Boiled Simmered Prawns
881. 白灼虾 Boiled Prawns
882. 百合虾球 Sauteed Prawn with Lily Bulbs
883. 百花酿辽参 Steamed Sea Cucumber Stuffed with Minced Shrimp
884. 百花酿露笋 Steamed Asparagus with Minced Shrimp
885. 百花酿蟹钳 Fried Crab Claws Stuffed with Minced Shrimp
886. 板栗烧鳝段 Braised Eel with Chestnuts
887. 鲍汁扒鲍贝 Braised Abalone in Abalone Sauce
888. 鲍汁扒裙边 Braised Soft Turtle Rim in Abalone Sauce
889. 鲍汁北菇鹅掌 Braised Goose Webs and Black Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce
890. 鲍汁葱烧辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce
891. 鲍汁豆腐 Braised Tofu in Abalone Sauce
892. 鲍汁鹅肝 Braised Goose Liver in Abalone Sauce
893. 鲍汁鹅掌扣辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber and Goose Webs in Abalone Sauce
894. 鲍汁海鲜烩饭 Seafood and Rice in Abalone Sauce
895. 鲍汁花菇烧鹅掌 Braised Goose Webs and Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce
896. 鲍汁花胶扣辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce
897. 鲍汁鸡腿菇 Braised Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce
898. 鲍汁煎鹅肝 Pan-Fried Goose Liver (Foie Gras) in Abalone Sauce
899. 鲍汁扣白灵菇 Braised Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce
900. 鲍汁扣鹅掌 Braised Goose Webs in Abalone Sauce
901. 鲍汁扣花胶皇 Braised Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce
902. 鲍汁扣辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber in Abalone Sauce
903. 鲍汁扣三宝 Braised Sea Cucumber, Goose Webs and Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce
904. 鲍汁牛肝菌 Braised Boletus in Abalone Sauce
905. 爆炒鳝鱼丝 Stir-Fried Shredded Eel
906. 北极贝刺身 Scallops Sashimi
907. 碧绿干烧澳带 Dry-Braised Australian Scallops with Green Vegetabus
908. 碧绿椒麻鱼肚 Braised Fish Maws with Green Vegetables, Pepper and Chili
909. 碧绿鲜带子 Braised Scallops with Green Vegetables
910. 避风塘焗鱼云 Braised Fish Head, Fishermen’s Style
911. 冰糖甲鱼 Steamed Turtle in Rock Sugar Soup
912. 菠萝松仁虾肉 Sauteed Shrimp with Pineapple and Pine Nuts
913. 菠萝虾球 Sauteed Prawn with Pineapple
914. 菜胆肘子炖海中宝 Stewed Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Ham with Green Vegetable
915. 菜心扒鱼圆 Braised Fish Balls with Vegetable Heart
916. 菜远石斑球 Sauteed Sea Bass Balls with Green Vegetable
917. 菜远虾球 Sauteed Prawn Balls with Green Vegetable
918. 草鱼(干烧/清蒸/水煮/酸菜) Grass Carp (Dry-Braised / Steamed / Boiled in Hot Chili Oil / Sauteed with Pickled Cabbage)
919. 炒大蛤 Sauteed Fresh Clams
920. 炒山瓜仔 Stir-Fried Baby Clams
921. 炒小卷 Sauteed Squid Rolls
922. 炒蟹 Sauteed Crab
923. 豉椒焗龙虾 Braised Lobster with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
924. 豉椒鳗鱼丝 Sauteed Shredded Eel with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
925. 豉椒鱿鱼 Sauteed Squid with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
926. 豉油王蒸鲈鱼 Steamed Perch with Black Bean Sauce
927. 豉汁炒大蚬 Sauteed Clam with Black Bean Sauce
928. 豉汁炒青口 Sauteed Mussel with Black Bean Sauce
929. 豉汁炒三鲜 Sauteed Assorted Seafood with Black Bean Sauce
930. 豉汁豆腐蒸带子 Steamed Scallop and Tofu in Black Bean Sauce
931. 豉汁煎焗塘虱 Pan-Fried Catfish with Black Bean Sauce
932. 豉汁蒸白鳝 Steamed Eel with Black Bean Sauce
933. 豉汁蒸九孔 Steamed Abalone with Black Bean Sauce
934. 豉汁蒸石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加吉鱼/鳟鱼) Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce (Sea Bass / Mandarin / Flatfish / Perch / Sea Bream / Bull Trout)
935. 翅汤青瓜虾球 Cucumber and Prawn in Shark Fin Soup
936. 虫草蒸裙边 Steamed Turtle Rim with Aweto
937. 川归烧酒虾 Stewed Shrimp with Liquor and Herbs
938. 川味石斑球 Halibut Balls, Sichuan Style
939. 川汁烧白鳝 Stewed Eel in Gravy, Sichuan Style
940. 串串辣子虾 Shrimp Kebab with Spicy Sauce
941. 莼菜鲈鱼烩 Stewed Perch with Water Shield Leaves
942. 刺参扣鸭掌 Braised Duck Webs with Sea Cucumber
943. 葱爆海参条 Stir-Fried Sea Cucumber with Scallion
944. 葱姜肉蟹 Sauteed Crab with Ginger and Scallion
945. 葱姜生蚝 Sauteed Oyster with Ginger and Scallion
946. 葱烤银鳕鱼 Grilled Codfish with Scallion
947. 葱焅河鲫鱼 Braised Crucian Carp with Scallion
948. 葱烧海参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion
949. 葱烧海参鲍鱼 Braised Sea Cucumber and Abalone with Scallion
950. 葱烧海参牛蹄筋 Braised Sea Cucumber and Beef Tendon with Scallion
951. 葱烧鳗鱼 Braised Eel with Scallion
952. 葱烧梅花参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion
953. 葱烧鱼片 Braised Sliced Fish with Scallion
954. 葱油活桂鱼 Steamed Mandarin Fish with Scallion Oil
955. 葱油九孔 Abalone in Scallion Oil
956. 葱油泼多宝鱼 Steamed Turbot with Scallion Oil
957. 葱油泼石斑鱼 Steamed Sea Bass with Scallion Oil
958. 葱油泼牙片鱼 Steamed Turbot with Scallion Oil
959. 醋椒活草鱼 Steamed Grass Carp with Vinegar and Pepper
960. 醋椒活桂鱼 Steamed Mandarin Fish with Vinegar and Pepper
961. 醋溜蟹 Sauteed Crabs with Sour Sauce
962. 醋烹石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加吉鱼/鳟鱼) Fried Fish with Vinegar Sauce (Sea Bass / Mandarin / Flatfish / Perch / Sea Bream / Bull Trout)
963. 脆皮全鱼 Crispy Whole Fish
964. 脆炸桂鱼 Fried Crispy Mandarin Fish
965. 大扇贝(蒜茸粉丝蒸/豆豉蒸/剁椒芋丝蒸) Scallops(Steamed with Garlic and Vermicelli/Steamed with Black Bean Sauce/Steamed with Chopped Chili Pepper and Chinese Yam)
966. 大蒜烧白鳝 Braised Eel with Garlic
967. 蛋花炒鱼肚 Sauteed Fish Maw with Scrambled Egg
968. 蛋黄明虾 Fried Prawns Coated with Egg Yolk
969. 顶级6头鲍/王府极品鲍/王府一品鲍 Braised Supreme Abalone
970. 东古一品螺 Sauteed Whelks in Soy Sauce
971. 东坡银鳕鱼 Dongpo Steamed Codfish with Preserved Vegetables
972. 冬菜银鳕鱼 Steamed Codfish with Preserved Vegetables
973. 冬草花炖海星 Stewed Starfish with Aweto
974. 豆瓣酱鲜鱿 Sauteed Squid with Soy Bean Paste
975. 豆瓣鲈鱼 Braised Perch in Soy Bean Paste
976. 豆瓣全鱼 Whole Fish Dressed with Spicy Bean Sauce
977. 豆瓣烧大黄鱼 Braised Yellow Croaker in Bean Sauce
978. 豆豉大龙虾 Sauteed Lobster with Black Bean Sauce
979. 豆豉虾球 Fried Prawn with Black Bean Sauce
980. 豆腐烧鱼 Braised Fish with Tofu
981. 豆酱炒肉蟹 Sauteed Crab with Soy Bean Paste
982. 豆酱炒珍宝蟹 Sauteed Jumbo Crab with Soy Bean Paste
983. 豆苗大虾 Sauteed Prawns with Pea Sprouts
984. 豆苗虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Pea Sprouts
985. 豆酥鳕鱼 Steamed Codfish with Savory Crispy Beans
986. 多宝鱼(清蒸/豉汁蒸/过桥) Turbot (Steamed/Steamed with Black Bean Sauce/Boiled)
987. 剁椒鱼头 Sauteed Fish Head with Diced Spicy Pepper
988. 翡翠金银玉带 Sauteed Scallops and Greens
989. 翡翠虾球 Sauteed Prawn with Greens
990. 翡翠虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Greens
991. 沸腾鱼 Boiled Fish in Chili Oil
992. 凤城煎鱼脯 Fried Salted Fish Fillets
993. 佛跳墙 Fotiaoqiang (Steamed Abalone with Shark Fin and Fish Maw in Broth)
994. 芙蓉三鲜 Three Delicacies with Egg White
995. 干锅香辣虾 Griddled Spicy Crab
996. 干火焅大虾 Stewed Shrimp
997. 干煎带鱼 Deep-Fried Hair Tail
998. 干煎龙利 Pan-Fried Flounder
999. 干烧大虾 Dry-Braised Prawn with Ham and Asparagus
1000. 干烧桂鱼 Dry-Braised Mandarin Fish
1001. 干烧虾球 Dry-Braised Prawn
1002. 干烧虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp
1003. 干烧牙片鱼 Dry-Braised Turbot
1004. 干炸多春鱼 Deep-Fried Shisamo
1005. 港式脆皮虾 Crispy Shrimps, Hong Kong Style
1006. 羔蟹(花雕酒蒸/姜葱炒/椒盐) Green Crab (Steamed in Yellow Wine/ Sauteed with Ginger and Scallion/ Sauteed with Spices)
1007. 高汤京葱扒刺参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion in Soup Stock
1008. 鸽蛋烧裙边 Braised Turtle Rim with Pigeon Eggs
1009. 宫保大虾肉 Kung Pao Supreme Shrimp
1010. 宫保带子 Kung Pao Scallops
1011. 宫保凤尾虾 Kung Pao Phoenix Tail Prawns
1012. 宫保虾球 Kung Pao Prawn
1013. 宫保虾仁 Kung Pao Shrimp
1014. 宫保鲜带子 Kung Pao Scallops
1015. 宫保鱿鱼 Kung Pao Squid
1016. 枸杞蒸裙边 Steamed Turtle Rim in Chinese Wolfberry
1017. 咕噜明虾球 Sweet and Sour Prawn
1018. 咕噜石斑球 Sweet and Sour Sea Bass Balls
1019. 怪味海参 Multi-Flavored Sea Cucumber
1020. 灌肠虾球 Juicy Prawn Balls
1021. 罐焖裙边 Braised Turtle Rim in Crock
1022. 罐焖鸭丝鱼翅 Stewed Shredded Duck with Shark Fin Crock
1023. 桂花炒干贝 Sauteed Scallops with Osmanthus
1024. 桂花炒肉蟹 Sauteed Hard-Shell Crab with Osmanthus
1025. 桂花炒珍宝蟹 Sauteed Jumbo Crab with Osmanthus
1026. 桂鱼(干烧/清蒸/酸汤/椒盐) Mandarin Fish (Dry-Braised/Steamed/Boiled in Sour Stock/Sauteed with Spiced Salt)
1027. 桂鱼(清蒸/油浸/松子炸) Mandarin Fish (Steamed/Boiled in Chili Oil/Fried with Pine Nuts)
1028. 桂鱼(清蒸/水煮/干烧/红烧) Mandarin Fish(Steamed/Boiled in Chili Oil, Dry- Braised, Braised with Soy Sauce)
1029. 锅巴海三鲜 Sizzling Assorted Seafood with Crispy Rice
1030. 锅仔木瓜浸鱼片 Braised Fish Slices with Papaya
1031. 锅仔雪菜鲈鱼 Stewed Perch with Preserved Vegetable
1032. 锅仔鱼籽 Stewed Fish Roe
1033. 果仁生汁脆皮虾球 Crispy Prawn with Nuts
1034. 果汁银元带子 Sauteed Scallops with Fruit Juice
1035. 海参鹅掌煲 Braised Goose Webs with Sea Cucumber in Casserole
1036. 海参锅巴 Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Crispy Rice
1037. 海鲜脆皮豆腐 Crispy Tofu with Seafood
1038. 海鲜豆腐 Braised Tofu with Seafood
1039. 海鲜粉丝煲 Assorted Seafood with Vermicelli in Casserole
1040. 海鲜汁扒大虾 Grilled Prawns with Seafood Sauce
1041. 海鲜盅 Seafood Soup
1042. 海竹笙煮双鲜 Boiled Seafood with Bamboo Fungus
1043. 杭椒虾爆鳝 Stir-Fried Eel and Prawns with Green Pepper
1044. 蚝皇鲍鱼 Braised Abalone in Oyster Sauce
1045. 蚝黄煎银鳕鱼 Pan-Fried Codfish in Oyster Sauce
1046. 蚝油鲍脯 Sauteed Sliced Abalone in Oyster Sauce
1047. 蚝油小鲍 Sauteed Abalone with Oyster Sauce
1048. 蚝汁扣鱼肚 Braised Fish Maw in Oyster Sauce
1049. 蚝汁辽参扣鸭掌 Braised Sea Cucumber with Duck Webs in Oyster Sauce
1050. 核桃 虾球 Walnut Shrimp
1051. 黑椒蚕豆炒双鲍 Sauteed Abalone with Black Pepper and Broad Beans
1052. 黑椒炒甲鱼 Sauteed Turtle with Black Pepper Sauce
1053. 黑椒鳝球 Sauteed Eel Balls with Black Pepper
1054. 黑椒鲜贝 Sauteed Scallops with Black Pepper
1055. 红花蟹(潮式冻蟹/清蒸/姜葱 炒) Spotted Sea Crab (Cold, Chaozhou Style/Steamed/Stir-Fried with Ginger and Scallion)
1056. 红花汁烩海鲜 Braised Seafood in Saffron Sauce
1057. 红烧长江鲥鱼 Braised Hilsa Herring Fish with Soy Sauce
1058. 红烧带鱼 Braised Hairtail with Soy Sauce
1059. 红烧甲鱼 Braised Turtle with Soy Sauce
1060. 红烧牛头扣辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber and Ox Head with Soy Sauce
1061. 红烧石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加 吉鱼/鳟鱼) Braised Fish in Brown Sauce (Sea Bass/ Mandarin/Flatfish/Perch/ Sea Bream or Bull trout)
1062. 红烧乌参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Soy Sauce
1063. 红烧小黄鱼豆腐 Braised Baby Yellow Croakers and Tofu with Soy Sauce
1064. 红鲟米糕 Steamed Red Sturgeon with Glutinous Rice
1065. 红油鱼肚 Fish Maw in Chili Oil
1066. 猴头菇扒鱼唇 Braised Fish Snout with Mushrooms
1067. 湖南虾 Shrimps, Hunan Style
1068. 糊辣基围虾 Fried Shrimps with Hot Pepper
1069. 花椒甲鱼 Turtle with Sichuan Pepper Corns
1070. 淮山圆肉炖甲鱼 Stewed Turtle with Yam and Longan
1071. 黄扒鱼肚 Braised Fish Maw
1072. 黄金雪蛤酿蟹盖 Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Hasma and Salted Egg Yolk
1073. 黄酒脆皮虾仁 Crispy Shrimp with Rice Wine Sauce
1074. 黄立仓(豉汁蒸/干煎/红烧) Pomfret (Steamed in Black Bean Sauce/Pan-Fried /Braised with Soy Sauce)
1075. 鸡茸鱼翅 Shark Fin with Minced Chicken
1076. 鸡汤菜胆鱼肚 Fish Maw with Green Vegetable in Chicken Soup
1077. 咭汁鱼片 Sauteed Sliced Fish in Tomato Sauce
1078. 家常臊子海参 Home-Made Sea Cucumber and Minced Pork with Chili Bean Paste
1079. 家常鱼头锅 Home-Style Fish Head Hotpot
1080. 家乡鳝鱼 Home-Style Eel
1081. 家乡小炒皇 Home-Style Squid, Shrimps and Vegetables
1082. 甲鱼(淮杞炖/清炖/干锅/泡饼)Turtle(Steamed with Chinese Wolfberry, Stewed, Griddled/ Served with Pancake)
1083. 甲鱼烧肉 Braised Turtle with Diced Pork
1084. 煎鲳鱼 Pan-Fried Pomfret
1085. 煎烹虾仁 Fried and Simmered Shrimp
1086. 煎银鳕鱼 Pan-Fried Codfish Fillet
1087. 姜葱炒龙虾 Sauteed Lobster with Ginger and Scallion
1088. 姜葱酥炸生蠔 Pan-Fried Oyster with Ginger and Scallion
1089. 姜丝鱼片 Braised Sliced Fish with Ginger
1090. 酱爆龙虾 Stir-Fried Lobster with Soy Bean Paste
1091. 酱野菌炒胭脂蚌 Sauteed Mussel and Mushrooms with Soy Bean Paste
1092. 酱油蟹 Crab with Soy Bean Paste
1093. 椒香鳝段 Sauteed Eel with Peppers
1094. 椒盐大虾球 Prawn with Spiced Salt
1095. 椒盐吊片 Cuttlefish with Spiced Salt
1096. 椒盐基围虾 Shrimp with Spiced Salty
1097. 椒盐头爪 Lobster Head and Claws with Spiced Salt
1098. 椒盐蟹 Crab with Spiced Salt
1099. 椒盐鳕鱼 Codfish with Spiced Salt
1100. 椒盐鱿鱼 Squid with Spiced Salt
1101. 椒盐有头虾 Shrimp with Heads with Spiced Salt
1102. 芥兰虾 Sauteed Shrimp with Chinese Broccoli
1103. 芥兰鲜鱿 Sauteed Squid with Chinese Broccoli
1104. 芥末虾球 Sauteed Prawn Topped with Wasabi
1105. 金沙玉米虾 Sauteed Shrimp with Corn and Egg Yolk
1106. 金丝虾球 Braised Shrimp
1107. 金蒜脆鳝球 Deep-Fried Eel Balls with Garlic
1108. 金银蒜蒸大花虾 Steamed Prawns with Garlic
1109. 京葱扣辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion
1110. 京葱虾籽烧辽参 Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe and Scallion
1111. 京酱龙虾球 Lobster Balls in Sweet Bean Sauce
1112. 九重鲜鲍 Sauteed Fresh Abalone with Basil
1113. 韭菜炒河虾 Sauteed Shrimp with Chinese Chives
1114. 韭黄鳝片 Sauteed Sliced Eel with Chives
1115. 韭王花枝片 Sauteed Cuttlefish with Chive
1116. 韭王象拔蚌 Sauteed Geoduck Clam with Chive
1117. 韭香武昌鱼 Wuchang Fish with Chinese Chives
1118. 菊花乌龙烩鱼肚 Stewed Fish Maw with Chrysanthemum and Oolong Tea
1119. 咖喱串烧生中虾 Curry Prawn Kebab
1120. 咖喱焗大虾 Baked Prawns in Curry
1121. 咖喱焗肉蟹 Baked Hard-Shell Crab in Curry
1122. 咖喱焗鲟 Baked Sturgeon in Curry
1123. 咖喱焗珍宝蟹 Baked Jumbo Crab in Curry
1124. 咖喱虾 Shrimp in Curry
1125. 咖喱蟹煲 Curry Crab in Casserole
1126. 烤鲶鱼 Roast Fresh Catfish
1127. 辣炒墨鱼竹百叶 Sauteed Spicy Cuttlefish and Tofu Skin
1128. 辣酱蒸鲜鱿 Steamed Squid with Chili Sauce
1129. 辣酒煮花蟹 Boiled Crab with Chili and Liquor
1130. 辣汁串烧鱼 Barbequed Fish Kebab with Chili Sauce
1131. 辣子干贝 Sauteed Scallops with Spicy Sauce
1132. 辣子虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Spicy Sauce
1133. 兰花大虾球 Prawn with Chinese Broccoli
1134. 兰花双味虾仁 Sauteed Shelled Shrimp with Broccoli in Two Flavors
1135. 榄仁炒鱼环 Sauteed Minced Dace with Olives
1136. 老醋蛰头 Jellyfish with Black Vinegar
1137. 粒香富贵蟹 Sauteed Crab Meat Coated with Egg Yolk
1138. 龙须蟹枣 Fried Crab Meat
1139. 鲈鱼(清蒸/红烧/锅仔泡椒煮) Perch (Steamed/Braised with Soy Sauce/Stewed with Marinated Chili)
1140. 鹭香焗生中虾 Baked Prawns with Mixed Flavor
1141. 麻辣响螺片 Sauteed Sliced Sea Whelks with Spicy Sauce
1142. 麻婆龙虾仔 Mapo Baby Lobster(Braised in Chili Sauce)
1143. 马鲛鱼 Pan-Fried Mackerel
1144. 马拉盏炒鱿鱼 Sauteed Squid with Shrimp Paste
1145. 米酱炒蛏肉 Sauteed Fresh Clam with Seasoning
1146. 蜜豆百合炒鱼菘 Sauteed Fish Floss with Sweetened Beans and Lily Bulbs
1147. 蜜桃水晶丸 Deep-Fried Shrimp Balls in Peach Sauce
1148. 蜜汁蒸鲈鱼 Steamed Perch Fillet in Honey Sauce
1149. 墨鱼丸 Cuttlefish Balls
1150. 墨鱼仔烧肉 Baby Cuttlefish with Diced Pork
1151. 木瓜腰豆煮海参 Stewed Sea Cucumber with Kidney Beans and Papaya
1152. 木瓜鱼翅 Shark Fin with Papaya
1153. 奶油焗龙虾 Baked Lobster with Cream
1154. 奶油石头焗生中虾 Stone-Baked Prawns with Cream
1155. 南非小赤龙 ( 蒜茸蒸/芝士牛油焗) South-Africa Baby Red Lobster(Steamed with Garlic/Baked with Cheese and Butter)
1156. 腩肉烧梅参 Braised Pork Tenderloin with Search Cucumber
1157. 鲶鱼烧茄子 Braised Cat Fish with Eggplant
1158. 柠檬虾球 Lemon-Flavored Prawns
1159. 浓汤裙边 Turtle Rim in Thick Soup
1160. 浓汤四宝 Seafood Soup
1161. 浓汤鱼唇 Braised Fish Snout Soup
1162. 浓汁木瓜鱼肚 Fish Maw and Papaya Soup
1163. 浓汁三鲜 Assorted Seafood Soup
1164. 浓汁鱼唇 Fish Snout Soup
1165. 浓汁鱼肚 Braised Fish Maw Soup
1166. 泡椒甲鱼 Turtle with Pickled Peppers
1167. 奇异果炒花枝 Sauteed Sliced Cuttlefish with Kiwi
1168. 千层酥烤鲜贝 Baked Scallop Mille Feuille
1169. 茄汁虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Tomato Sauce
1170. 青瓜肉松煮鱼肚 Stewed Fish Maw with Minced Pork
1171. 青蒜豆油烧石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加吉鱼/鳟鱼) Braised Fish with Green Garlic (Sea Bass/ Mandarin/Flatfish/Perch/ Sea Bream/Bull Trout)
1172. 青元烩鲜虾 Braised Prawns with Peas
1173. 清炒鲍贝 Sauteed Abalone and Scallops
1174. 清炒贝仁 Sauteed Scallops
1175. 清炒大龙虾 Sauteed Lobster
1176. 清炒鳝糊 Sauteed Shredded Eel
1177. 清炒水晶河虾仁 Sauteed River Shrimp
1178. 清炒虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp
1179. 清炖甲鱼汤 Stewed Turtle in Clear Stock
1180. 清汤蟹肉 Crab Meat in Clear Stock
1181. 清汤竹荪海参 Consomme of Bamboo Fungus and Sea Cucumbers
1182. 清蒸白鳝 Steamed Eel
1183. 清蒸大闸蟹 Steamed Dazha Crabs
1184. 清蒸桂鱼 Steamed Mandarin Fish
1185. 清蒸甲鱼 Steamed Turtle
1186. 清蒸龙利 Steamed Flounder
1187. 清蒸石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加吉鱼/鳟鱼) Steamed Fish (Sea Bass / Mandarin/Flatfish / Perch / Sea Bream / Bull Trout)
1188. 清蒸石斑鱼 Steamed Sea Bass
1189. 清蒸蒜蓉带子 Steamed Scallop with Mashed Garlic
1190. 清蒸武昌鱼 Steamed Wuchang Fish
1191. 清蒸闸蟹 Steamed River Crab
1192. 全家福 Stewed Assorted Delicacies
1193. 肉末辽参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Pork
1194. 肉蟹(姜葱炒/清蒸/椒盐) Hard-Shell Crab(Stir-Fried with Ginger and Scallion/Steamed/ Fried with Spiced Salt)
1195. 如意鳗卷 Fried Eel Rolls
1196. 如意炸白鳝 Fried Eel
1197. 软炸虾仁 Light-Fried Shrimp
1198. 赛螃蟹 Crab-Flavored Fish
1199. 三杯鳗鱼 Eel with Ginger and Wine Sauce
1200. 三杯中卷 Squid Rolls with Ginger and Wine Sauce
1201. 三鲜海参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Three Delicacies
1202. 沙律明虾球 Shrimp Salad
1203. 砂锅豉香鳝 Braised Eel in Black Bean Sauce in Casserole
1204. 砂锅鱼头 Braised Fish Head in Casserole
1205. 山东海参 Sea Cucumber Soup, Shandong Style
1206. 山东家常焖桂鱼 Braised Mandarin Fish in Brown Sauce, Shandong Style
1207. 扇贝(蒜茸蒸/XO炒/豉汁蒸) Scallop with Shell (Steamed with Garlic/Sauteed with XO Sauce/ Steamed with Black Bean Sauce)
1208. 扇形鱼糕 Fan-Shaped Fish Paste
1209. 上海油爆虾 Stir-Fried Shrimps, Shanghai Style
1210. 上汤焗龙虾 Baked Lobster in Thick Stock
1211. 烧海参裙边 Braised Sea Cucumber and Turtle Rim
1212. 烧海参蹄筋 Braised Sea Cucumber and Pork Tendon
1213. 烧烤鲈鱼片 Char-Grilled Perch Fillet
1214. 烧三鲜 Braised Sliced Abalone, Fish Maw and Chicken
1215. 烧山药海参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Chinese Yam
1216. 烧虾球海参 Stewed Sea Cucumber and Shrimp Balls
1217. 烧汁鳗鱼条 Sauteed Eel in Spicy Sauce
1218. 深海鲽鱼头(剁椒/葱油) Braised Flatfish Head (with Hot Red Peppers/ Scallion Oil)
1219. 生炒鳗片 Sauteed Sliced Eel
1220. 生焗海参煲 Braised Sea Cucumber in Casserole
1221. 生焗鱼头 Braised Fish Head in Casserole
1222. 生蒸龙虾 Steamed Lobster
1223. 什烩干贝 Sauteed Scallops with Assorted Vegetables
1224. 什烩虾 Braised Shrimps with Vegetables
1225. 石钵XO酱水晶粉 Braised Glazed Starch Sheets with XO Sauce in Stone Pot
1226. 石钵蟹黄豆腐 Stewed Crab Roe and Tofu in Stone Pot
1227. 时菜鱿鱼 Stir-Fried Squid with Seasonal Vegetable
1228. 时菜鱼片 Stir-Fried Sliced Fish with Seasonal Vegetable
1229. 双菇鲜带子 Sauteed Fresh Scallop with Mushrooms
1230. 双味软炸鲜贝 Fried Scallop in Two Flavors
1231. 双虾海参煲 Sea Cucumber and Shrimp in Casserole
1232. 水晶虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp
1233. 水煮明虾 Poached Prawns in Chili Oil
1234. 水煮鲜鱿 Poached Squid in Chili Oil
1235. 水煮鱼 Poached Fish in Chili Oil
1236. 四川虾球 Sauteed Prawn, Sichuan Style
1237. 松菇银鳕鱼 Braised Codfish with Mushrooms
1238. 松茸裙边 Braised Turtle Rim with Mushrooms
1239. 松鼠桂鱼 Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish
1240. 松子黄鱼 Yellow-Croaker with Pine Nuts
1241. 酥炸蛤卷 Deep-Fried Crispy Mussel Rolls
1242. 酥炸蚵卷 Crispy Oyster Rolls
1243. 酸菜鱼 Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili
1244. 酸辣鲶鱼 Hot and Sour Catfish
1245. 酸辣鳝丝 Hot and Sour Shredded Eel
1246. 酸辣蜇头花 Hot and Sour Jellyfish
1247. 酸汤鱼 Fish in Sour Soup
1248. 蒜茸蒸大虾 Steamed Prawns with Minced Garlic
1249. 蒜蓉开边蒸生中虾 Steamed Prawns with Minced Garlic
1250. 蒜蓉蒸九孔 Steamed Abalone with Minced Garlic
1251. 蒜蓉蒸龙虾 Steamed Lobster with Minced Garlic
1252. 蒜香鳗片 Sauteed Sliced Eel with Garlic
1253. 笋尖炒虾球 Sauteed Prawns with Bamboo Shoots
1254. 太白竹篓虾 Taibai Prawns in Bamboo Basket
1255. 泰式辣椒炒虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Chili, Thai Style
1256. 泰汁煎银鳕鱼 Pan-Fried Codfish in Thai Sauce
1257. 碳烧鳗鱼 BBQ Eel
1258. 碳烧元贝 BBQ Scallops
1259. 糖醋咕噜虾球 Sweet and Sour Prawn Balls
1260. 糖醋全鱼 Sweet and Sour Whole Fish
1261. 糖醋鱿鱼 Sweet and Sour Squid
1262. 特汁银鳕鱼 Pan-Fried Codfish in Sour Sauce
1263. 甜酸虾 Sweet and Sour Shrimps
1264. 铁板饼子焖鱼 Braised Fish with Pancake
1265. 铁板酱爆带子 Grilled Scallops with Chili and Vegetables Served on Sizzling Iron Plate
1266. 铁板酱鲜鱿 Pan-Fried Fresh Squid with Soy Sauce Served on Sizzling Iron Plate
1267. 铁板沙爹鳝球 Sauteed Eel in Satay Sauce Served on Sizzling Iron Plate
1268. 铁板香辣海鲜 Sauteed Seafood in Hot and Spicy Sauce on Sizzling Iron Plate
1269. 土茯苓炖山龟 Stewed Turtle with Sarsaparilla
1270. 皖鱼 (水煮/雪菜蒸/清蒸/侉炖) Grass Carp (Poachedin Chili Oil / Steamed with Preserved Vegetable/Steamed/Stewed)
1271. 王府稣鱼 Deep-Fried Fish with Soy Sauce
1272. 五柳烧石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加吉鱼/鳟鱼) Braised Fish with Trimmings (Sea Bass/ Mandarin/Flatfish/Perch/ Sea Bream/Bull trout)
1273. 五香脆鳝 Sauteed Shredded Eel with Spicy Sauce
1274. 西法大虾 Prawns Cooked in Western Style
1275. 西湖醋鱼 Steamed Grass Carp in Vinegar
1276. 西兰炒雪鱼球 Sauteed Codfish Balls with Broccoli
1277. 西柠百花鲜鱿 Fried Squid with Minced Shrimps in Lemon Sauce
1278. 西柠三文鱼排 Grilled Salmon Steak with Lemon
1279. 虾龙糊 Sauteed Shrimp Paste in Lobster Sauce
1280. 虾仁跑蛋 Shrimp Omelet
1281. 虾枣鱼丸豆腐煲 Seafood and Tofu in Casserole
1282. 虾仔烧海参 Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe
1283. 虾子大乌参 Braised Jumbo Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe
1284. 夏果澳带 Sauteed Scallops with Macadamia Nuts
1285. 夏果海鲜 Sauteed Seafood with Macadamia Nuts
1286. 鲜果沙律虾 Prawn Salad with Fresh Fruits
1287. 鲜果玉带虾 Fried Scallops and Shrimp with Fresh Fruit
1288. 鲜墨鱼滑 Fresh Mashed Cuttlefish
1289. 鲜豌豆炒河虾仁 Sauteed Shrimp with Fresh Beans
1290. 鲜虾滑 Mashed Shrimps
1291. 咸菜大鳝煲 Stewed Eel with Preserved Vegetables in Casserole
1292. 咸菜虾仁 Sauteed Shelled Shrimp with Preserved Vegetable
1293. 咸蛋黄炒肉蟹 Sauteed Hard-Shell Crab with Salted Egg Yolk
1294. 咸蛋黄珍宝蟹 Sauteed Jumbo Crab with Salted Egg Yolk
1295. 乡巴佬炒鳝片 Sauteed Shredded Eel
1296. 香葱白果虾 Sauteed Shrimp with Gingko and Scallion
1297. 香菇雪耳烩竹虾 Stewed Shrimp with Black Mushrooms and White Fungus
1298. 香滑鲈鱼球 Sauteed Perch Balls
1299. 香煎黄板刁 Pan-Fried Catfish
1300. 香煎咸鱼 Pan-Fried Salted Fish
1301. 香煎银鳕鱼 Pan-Fried Codfish
1302. 香辣脆鳝 Sauteed Eel with Chili and Pepper
1303. 香辣芙蓉鱼 Spicy Sliced Fish with Egg White
1304. 香辣虾 Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce
1305. 香辣蟹 Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce
1306. 香烧深海鱼头 Braised Sea Fish Head
1307. 香烧鱿鱼 Braised Squid
1308. 香油蟮糊 Braised Shredded Eel with Sesame Oil
1309. 香糟焗龙虾 Baked Lobster in Rice Wine Sauce
1310. 香糟溜鱼片 Sauteed Sliced Fish in Rice Wine Sauce
1311. 响螺烧梅花参 Braised Sea Whelks and Sea Cucumber
1312. 蟹黄一品锅 Stewed Tofu with Crab Roe
1313. 蟹肉烩竹笙 Crab Meat in Bamboo Fungus Soup
1314. 雪菜墨鱼丝 Sauteed Shredded Cuttlefish with Preserved Vegetable
1315. 雪豆虾 Sauteed Shrimp with Snow Peas
1316. 雪笋花枝片 Sauteed Sliced Cuttlefish with Bamboo Shoots
1317. 鲟鱼(豉汁蒸/清蒸) Sturgeon(Steamed with Black Bean Sauce/Steamed)
1318. 鸭汤醋椒鱼 Braised Mandarin Fish with Chili Pepper in Duck Soup
1319. 鸭汁鲜凫乌龙 Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber
1320. 芫爆鳝鱼片 Sauteed Sliced Eel with Coriander
1321. 盐焗鲈鱼 Salty-Baked Perch
1322. 盐酥生中虾 Salty-Baked Prawns
1323. 羊肚菌爆虾球 Sauteed Shrimp Balls with Mushrooms
1324. 洋参炖甲鱼 Stewed Turtle with American Ginseng
1325. 洋葱煮鱼 Poached Fish with Onion
1326. 腰豆西芹炒鱼松 Sauteed Minced Fish with Celery and Kidney Beans
1327. 腰果虾仁 Sauteed Shelled Shrimp with Cashew Nuts
1328. 瑶柱烩裙边 Braised Turtle Rim with Scallops
1329. 药味炖生中虾 Simmered Prawns with Medicinal Herbs
1330. 野山珍鲈鱼 Perch with Mushrooms
1331. 野生菌烩乌鱼片 Braised Cuttlefish with Mushrooms
1332. 殷豉炒蛤 Sauteed Mussels with Taiwanese Black Bean Sauce
1333. 殷豉炒蚵 Sauteed Oysters with Taiwanese Black Bean Sauce
1334. 殷豉炒肉蟹 Sauteed Hard-Shell Crab in Taiwan Black Bean Sauce
1335. 殷豉炒珍宝蟹 Sauteed Jumbo Crab in Taiwan Black Bean Sauce
1336. 殷豉鱼片 Braised Sliced Fish in Taiwan Black Bean Sauce
1337. 银杏百合炒虾球 Sauteed Shrimp Balls with Lily Bulbs and Ginkgo
1338. 银芽炒虾松 Sauteed Minced Shrimp with Bean Sprouts
1339. 油酱毛蟹 Braised River Crab with Soy Bean Paste
1340. 油浸石斑(桂鱼/左口鱼/鲈鱼/加吉鱼/鳟鱼) Marinated Fish in Oil (Sea Bass/Mandarin/Flatfish/Perch/Sea Bream/ Bull trout)
1341. 油焖大虾 Braised Prawns
1342. 油泡石斑球 Fried Halibut Balls
1343. 油泡虾球 Crystal Prawns
1344. 鱼腐扒菜胆 Braised Fish Curd with Green Vegetable
1345. 鱼香炒鳝丝 Yuxiang Shredded Eel (Sauteed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
1346. 鱼香大虾肉 Yuxiang Prawn Meat (Sauteed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
1347. 鱼香干贝 Yuxiang Scallops (Sauteed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
1348. 鱼香明虾球 Yuxiang Prawns (Sauteed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
1349. 鱼香虾 Yuxiang Shrimps (Sauteed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
1350. 玉带干贝酥 Fried Scallops with Crispy Yam Strips and Vegetables
1351. 玉簪明虾球 Sauteed Prawns with Vegetables and Scallops
1352. 原笼糯米蒸蟹 Steamed Crab with Glutinous Rice Served in Bamboo Steamer
1353. 原汁甲鱼仔 Braised Small Turtle
1354. 糟蛋烩鱼唇 Stewed Fish Snout and Eggs Preserved in Rice Wine
1355. 糟烩虾仁 Braised Shelled Shrimp with Rice Wine Sauce
1356. 糟溜活桂鱼 Sauteed Mandarin Fish with Rice Wine Sauce
1357. 糟溜三白 Sauteed Three White Slices (Chicken, Fish and Bamboo Shoots) with Rice Wine Sauce
1358. 糟溜鳕鱼 Sauteed Codfish Fillets with Rice Wine Sauce
1359. 炸凤尾虾 Fried Phoenix Tail Prawns
1360. 炸烹虾球 Fried Prawn
1361. 炸烹鲜贝 Fried Scallops
1362. 珍宝炒带子 Sauteed Scallops with Cashew Nuts
1363. 蒸金钱片塘虱 Steamed Catfish
1364. 芝麻炸多春鱼 Fried Shisamo with Sesame
1365. 竹笋黄鱼汤 Stewed Yellow Croaker and Bamboo Shoots Soup
1366. 竹挞烤平鱼 Barbequed Flatfish on Bamboo Mat
1367. 竹香鲫鱼 Crucian Carp with Bamboo Flavor
1368. 滋补砂锅大虾 King Prawns in Casserole
1369. 子姜虾 Sauteed Shrimps with Ginger Shoots
1370. 紫菜虾卷 Seaweed Rolls Stuffed with Shrimps
1371. 紫苏煎酿尖椒 Sauteed Green Pepper and Basil
1372. 醉蟹 Liquor-Soaked Crabs
1373. 鳟鱼刺身 Bull Trout Sashimi
1374. 左口鱼(豉汁蒸/清蒸/红烧) Halibut (Steamed with Black Bean Sauce, Steamed/Braised in Brown Sauce)