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Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Tofu


Food culture is an important part of China’s traditional culture. It has a long history. With the progression of globalization, Chinese food is now found all over the world. Its variety of selection, unique culinary art, as well as its fine shapes and rich tastes have spread the depth and diversity of Chinese food culture to the world.

Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Tofu


Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Tofu:


1525. 百叶包肉 Tofu Skin Rolls Stuffed with Minced Pork
1526. 菠菜豆腐 Braised Tofu with Spinach
1527. 菜豆花 Braised Tofu with Vegetables
1528. 彩虹蒸豆腐 Steamed Tofu with Assorted Vegetables
1529. 豉香尖椒炒豆干 Sauteed Dried Tofu with Hot Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
1530. 脆皮豆腐 Pan-Fried Tofu
1531. 豆豉豆腐 Sauteed Tofu in Black Bean Sauce
1532. 宫保豆腐 Kung Pao Tofu
1533. 锅塌豆腐 Tofu Omelet
1534. 红烧日本豆腐 Braised Japanese Tofu in Brown Sauce
1535. 鸡汤白菜炖豆腐 Chinese Cabbage and Tofu in Chicken Soup
1536. 鸡血豆腐 Stewed Tofu with Chicken Blood Curd
1537. 家常豆腐 Home-Made Sauteed Tofu
1538. 椒盐豆腐 Fried Tofu with Spiced Salt
1539. 金菇豆腐 Braised Tofu with Mushrooms
1540. 咖喱豆腐 Curry Tofu
1541. 口袋豆腐 Braised Tofu Stuffed with Vegetables
1542. 辣子豆腐 Sauteed Tofu in Spicy Sauce
1543. 榄菜肉碎炖豆腐 Stewed Tofu with Preserved Vegetable and Minced Pork
1544. 两虾豆腐 Braised Tofu with Shrimps and Shrimp Roe
1545. 麻婆豆腐 Mapo Tofu (Sauteed Tofu in Hot and Spicy Sauce)
1546. 面筋百叶 Fried Wheat Gluten Puff and Tofu Skin
1547. 牛肝菌红烧豆腐 Braised Tofu with Boletus
1548. 芹菜炒香干 Sauteed Celery with Dried Tofu Slices
1549. 清蒸白玉 Steamed Tofu
1550. 日式蒸豆腐 Steamed Tofu,Japanese Style
1551. 肉酱豆腐 Braised Tofu with Minced Pork
1552. 三鲜豆腐 Sauteed Tofu with Three Delicacies
1553. 砂锅豆腐 Tofu in Casserole
1554. 什锦豆腐煲 Braised Tofu with Assorted Vegetables in Casserole
1555. 素菜豆腐 Sauteed Tofu with Vegetables
1556. 泰式豆腐 Braised Tofu, Thai Style
1557. 铁板葱烧豆腐 Tofu with Scallion Served on Sizzling Iron Plate
1558. 五味豆腐 Multi-Flavored Tofu
1559. 西蜀豆花 Braised Tofu with Peanuts and Pickles
1560. 虾仁焖豆腐 Braised Tofu with Shelled Shrimp
1561. 虾圆玉子豆腐 Steamed Tofu and Shrimp
1562. 虾籽炒豆腐 Sauteed Tofu with Shrimp Roe
1563. 乡村小豆腐 Sauteed Tofu with Vegetables
1564. 香芹茶干 Sauteed Dried Tofu with Parsley
1565. 蟹黄烧豆腐 Fried Tofu with Crab Roe
1566. 雪菜炒豆皮 Sauteed Tofu Skin with Preserved Vegetable
1567. 雪菜虾仁豆腐 Sauteed Tofu with Shrimp and Preserved Vegetable
1568. 一品豆腐 Steamed Tofu Stuffed with Vegetables
1569. 芝麻豆腐 Sesame Tofu
1570. 左宗豆腐 General Tsuo’s Tofu