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Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Nest


Food culture is an important part of China’s traditional culture. It has a long history. With the progression of globalization, Chinese food is now found all over the world. Its variety of selection, unique culinary art, as well as its fine shapes and rich tastes have spread the depth and diversity of Chinese food culture to the world.


Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Nest:


1571. 冰花炖官燕 Stewed Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar
1572. 冰花芙蓉官燕 Stewed Bird’s Nest with Egg White
1573. 冰糖银耳燕窝 Braised Bird’s Nest with White Fungus and Rock Sugar
1574. 福寿炖燕窝 Braised Bird’s Nest
1575. 高汤炖官燕 Stewed Bird’s Nest
1576. 红胶官燕 Braised Bird’s Nest and Seaweed
1577. 红烧鹿茸血燕 Braised Bird’s Nest and Deer Antler with Soy Sauce
1578. 红烧蟹黄官燕 Braised Bird’s Nest and Crab Roe with Soy Sauce
1579. 红烧血燕 Braised Bird’s Nest with Soy Sauce
1580. 金汤素燕窝 Bird’s Nest in Broth
1581. 木瓜炖官燕 Stewed Bird’s Nest with Papaya
1582. 腿汁红烧官燕 Braised Bird’s Nest and Ham with Soy Sauce
1583. 王府清汤官燕 Bird’s Nest Clear Soup
1584. 香橙炖官燕 Stewed Bird’s Nest in Orange Sauce
1585. 杏汁炖官燕 Stewed Superior Bird's Nest with Almond Milk
1586. 雪梨官燕 Stewed Bird’s Nest with Snow Pear
1587. 椰汁冰花炖官燕 Stewed Superior Bird’s Nest with White Fungus and Coconut Milk
1588. 一品燕窝 Best Quality Bird’s Nest Soup
1589. 鱼籽蟹肉烩燕窝 Braised Bird’s Nest with Crab Meat and Fish Roe