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Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Congees


Food culture is an important part of China’s traditional culture. It has a long history. With the progression of globalization, Chinese food is now found all over the world. Its variety of selection, unique culinary art, as well as its fine shapes and rich tastes have spread the depth and diversity of Chinese food culture to the world.

Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Congees


Chinese Menu in English - Hot Dishes - Congees:


NO. Recipe Name in Chinese Recipe Name in English
1680. 白粥 Rice Congee
1681. 棒渣粥 Minced Corner Congee
1682. 地瓜粥 Sweet Potato Congee
1683. 极品粥 Assorted Seafood Congee
1684. 腊八粥 Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits (Prepared on December 8th, Lunar Calendar)
1685. 绿豆粥 Mung Bean Congee
1686. 南瓜粥 Pumpkin Congee
1687. 牛肉粥 Minced Beef Congee
1688. 皮蛋瘦肉粥 Congee with Minced Pork and Preserved Egg
1689. 生滚海鲜粥 Seafood Congee
1690. 香菇鸡丝粥 Congee with Black Mushrooms and Shredded Chicken
1691. 小米金瓜粥 Millet Congee with Pumpkin
1692. 小米粥 Millet Congee